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Menu 2018 – Prices in €




Home made vegetable soup 5,50
Home smoked salmon with onions, capers, toast and butter 13,50
Quiche Lorraine with onions and bacon, salad  7,80
Vegetarian Quiche, salade 7,80
Quiche with salmon, salad 8,50
Cheese croquette with cranberries 7,50
Regional specialities, ham, salami, cheese served with bread and butter 12,00


Ravioli with ricotta-spinach in cream sauce 14,00
Penne with fresh tomatoes, cashews, pesto, arugula and parmesan 14,50
Penne al arrabbiata 12,50


Crispy saladmix with cooked ham and cheese, egg, tomatoes and cashews 14,50
Salade with mozarella and tomatoes 14,50
Crispy saladmix with tuna, egg, tomatoes, onions 14,00
Extra tender smoked salmon on mixed salade, tomatoes, onions 18,50

Meat and Typical Luxemburgish

Beefsteak from Luxemburg in pepper sauce, fries, salade 13.50
Breaded porc cutlet, fries, salad 12,50
Smoked Lisanto ham with fries and salad 19,50
Smoked Lisanto ham and cooked ham with fries and salad 19,50
Salami, cheese from Berdorf, smoked ham, cooked ham, fries, salad 20,50


Crêpe with cooked ham 6,00
Crêpe with cheese 6,00
Crêpe with cooked ham, cheese and onions 6,50
Crêpe with smoked salmon, onions 8,00
Alsation tarte 12,00
Tarte with salmon, onions, zucchini 14,00
Vegetarian tarte with goat chees, zucchini, arugula 12,00
Cheese bread, salad 8,50
Bread with cooked ham, salad 9,50
Bread with row Lisanto ham, salade 12,00
Croque Monsieur, salad 7,50


Crêpe with suggar 4,00
Crêpe with chocolat 4,50
Crêpe raspberry jam 4,50
Crêpe with vanilla ice cream and chocolat 8,00
Hot apple strudel with vailla ice cream and whipped cream 6,00
Fresh fruit salad 6,00

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